About me


I approached the world of photography in 2006 when, almost for fun, I bought my first digital SLR. In my self-taught photographic journey, driven by curiosity and the constant search for improvement, I’ve tried my hand at various genres for a long time without showing a particular predilection for any of them. Only recently I’ve found my “dimension” in nature photography; immersed in contact with Nature, I try to immortalize the beauty that It manifests in all its forms.

In parallel with this “path”, I’m also interested in immersive panoramic photography, a particular photographic technique to which I have dedicated a special section – 360° VR PANO – in this website.

Special thanks to anyone who wants to spend some of their time to view the contents of this site.



For any information, suggestion or request, you can contact me by writing to the following e-mail address:

andrea @ andreacollovati.com


Photographic book published in 2007, dedicated to the church of Santa Maria di Pieve di Rosa (Camino al Tagliamento, UD) and its symbolic and material recovery: Plebis Rosae – Percorso storico, teologico e artistico nella Pieve di Rosa – Camino al Tagliamento – Udine